Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Oliver!

Oliver’s birthday was a week ago.  I decided to take it very easy on the theme for this year.  Oliver wanted a fire truck birthday cake.  He specifically wanted a cake with play figurines on top.  Smart boy.

So here is my fire truck cake.  It is probably one of the worst looking cakes I have made.  Except for when I was in high school and a friend and I made ourselves a birthday cake.  It came out completely lopsided.


I used my usual frosting recipe and it did not turn out the same as usual.  this time around it had no stiffness to it.  So when I was trying to create flames it came out as silly string.  It’s supposed to be a car on fire on the side of the road….just use your imagination.


Oliver was still excited.


In fact he didn’t even eat any of the cake he was too excited to play with the cars/trucks on top.  And open gifts.


Would you believe the night before his party he was up all night coughing and I was up all night too.  In fact we told most of the guests not to come because we were cancelling his party.  I already had the food made, so we went ahead and had family over that was already in town.  But I felt bad for him to cancel some of his guests.  Who gets sick for their birthday party just the night before when it’s the end of June?

His actual birthday was on Monday and we had a small celebration with just our family that morning.

Breakfast cupcakes with a candle.


And pure excitement over getting his Gordon train he has been requesting for the last half year or so.


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